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Job:        Busan, Canít be Hotter in Hot Summer. **July**
Salary:     2.0 M won per month
Date:            05/22/06


Hi, my name is Joy with ETEC agency(English Teachersí Employment Connection) agency, S.Korea.
Summer is just around the corner in S.Korea. Wouldnít that be great to swim, get some rays and play volleyball games on the beach? Everything is possible in Busan.
An institute in Busan is looking for 2 ESL teachers available beginning of July.

-Location: Busan(in Yeonsandong, This area is middle of Busan.)
-Intake: 2
-Starting date: beginning of July
-Teaching Targets: kindergarten and elementary school students
-Starting date: beginning of July
-Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am~6:30pm
(Including prep time, breaks and 6 hours of teaching a day.)
-Salary: 2.0 M won per month
-Housing: Rent-free fully furnished single studio apartment
(25 min walking distance from the school.)
-The number of the current foreign teachers: 3
-Paid vacation: 10 days per year
-Benefits: free round trip ticket(up-front), severance pay(equivalent to 1 month salary),
50% of medical premium paid
-About the institute: This institute is one of the franchise institute in S.Korea and famous for itsí well-rounded curriculums. One of the teacher going to leave this July has been working for the institute for 2 years and most teachers at the institute are content with the school.


If youíd like to get more information about these institutes, do not hesitate to e-mail me.
Please let me know
1) Your available starting date
2) Preferred city/ type of city (like small or large city)
3) Preferred age groups of the students

Anyone interested in the position, please send your resume (MS word format), scanned original diploma, the information page of your passport and a recent picture(JPG format) at: (Attn: Joy)

< Qualifications>
- English-speaking peoples
-4 years of University degree (BA, BS etc.)
- Official transcript.


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