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Job:        Live in a spacious apartment :: Zhang Zhou near Xiamen
Salary:     4500 per month, 16 hours a week and NO OFFICE HOURS
Date:            05/21/06


Four English and two Japanese teachers needed for September 2006.

This is the school where I am currently working for and so far my girlfriend and I are the only foreign teachers working here at this moment. We are not any recruitment agency and you'll be communicating with us the actual foreign teachers. I come from Australia and my girlfriend comes from the Philippines. Zhang Zhou Institute of Technology is situated one hour from Xiamen city.

We require native English teachers with:

*Bachelors degree in any major.*

*Two years experience in teaching (mainly China).*

*Comes from Uk, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.*


Please note these requirements are important for determining suitable applicants.

This job advert is for a contract for 1st of September 2006 to 30th of June 2007.

4500 yuan for maximum of 16 hours a week and extra 100 yuan for over time. The following year if you choose to stay the pay will be increase due to your performance. Air ticket will be a maximum of 10,000 yuan to return home for summer. Free travel at the end of year for a few days. Also a bonus based upon your performance at the end of the year. This contract is the same for both English and Japanese teachers.

The English classes are Speaking, practical writing for both English majors and tourism students. Traveling English for the tourism students also training for Chinese teachers to study in Canada. We are planning to have survey of American and British culture for next semester. We would like to have teachers to participate in some of the student activities as well as classes.

An apartment with at least two bedrooms, 70 m2, bathroom with a bath tub, balcony and a separate kitchen. Electricity, water, internet, cable and local phone calls paid for. Also washing machine for each apartment outside on the balcony not in the bathroom. There are two types of apartments the current ones are off campus and the new ones not yet completed are on campus. The ones off campus are only five minutes walk to the main gate. If the new ones are completed by September then that is what you will live in. They're spacious like a real home and ideal for couples.

Send us your details and we'll pass them along to the foreign affairs.

Please send via email:

*1) resume in a word document format

*2) Letter of recommendation in JPG format

*3) Copy of passport in JPG format

*4) Copy of health certificate in JPG format

*5) Photo in JPG format, only 1 will be sufficient

For more information and photos of the apartment

please visit my website





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