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Job:        Looking for a foreign or Overseas Korean teacher. 2.1~2.2 M won, ASAP, Daejeon
Salary:     2.1~2.2 M won per month
Date:            06/09/06


Hi, my name is Joy with ETEC(English Teachers’ Employment Connection) agency, S.Korea.

Daejeon is the fifth largest city among the South Korea's top 6 cities with a population of 1.4M. The city is surrounded by four mountains and located along 3 major rivers. Daejeon is a nature-friendly city, a city of rich cultures, and the image of a future city that is paving the road of tomorrow. Even though it is a quite big city, the residents are easygoing and attentive. So you can easily settle down. It's an ideal city for people fed up with hectic life.

A prominent institute in Daejeon has 1 vacancy ASAP.
This institute adopted its curriculums from the US and Canada and well-known as the best franchise institute in S.Korea. If you are concerning about your lack of the experience in teaching English as a second languge, don’t worry. The school will provide the new teachers with training to manage the classes. 

The following is the condition of the institute.

-Location: Daejeon
-Starting date: June
-Salary: 2.1 ~2.2 M won
-Teaching targets: elementary to middle school students
-Working hours: Mon.-Fri. 1:30pm~9:30pm
(Including breaks, prep time and 6 hours of teaching)
-The number of the current foreign teachers: 3
-Housing: fully furnished single studio apt (10 min walking distance from the institute)
-Benefits: Free round trip ticket, 50% of medial premium paid, severance pay


Anyone interested in the positions, please send me a e-mail at
If you’d like to apply for a position or get update positions from me, please send your personal information.
-Resume and cover letter
-A recent picture
-Scanned the front page of the valid passport
-Scanned original degree

Please let me know your available starting date, preferred city and age group of the students you’d like to teach.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

< Qualifications>
- English-speaking peoples
-4 years of University degree (BA, BS etc.)
- Official transcript.


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