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Job:       Vacancy in Incheon(the vicinity of Seoul) in June, No Kindy, Single apt, Downtown
Location:     2.0~ M won per month
Date:            06/04/06


Hi, my name is Joy with ETEC(English Teachers’ Employment Connection) agency, S.Korea. Are you concerning about a huge amount of living expenses but still want to have fun in Seoul?
Here is the best compromise! Incheon is just 40 min away from Seoul.
You can have almost THE SAME BENEFITS to SEOUL with LOWER living expenses!!!

Incheon is located in the mid-west Korea peninsula abutting the Yellow Sea. Incheon is now rapidly developing into the third largest city in Korea, with Seoul and Busan being the first and the second largest, respectively. There is a direct subway line connected to SEOUL.
An institute is looking for an English native teacher to work with.

-Location: Incheon(Yeonsoo district)
-Starting date: end of June
-Intake: 1
-Teaching targets: Elementary school students to adults
-Working hours: Mon.-Fri. 2:30pm-10pm
-Salary: 2.0~ M won per month
-Housing: fully furnished single studio apartment
(5-10 min walking distance from the school)
-Number of the current foreign teachers: 2
-Benefits: Free round trip ticket, severance payment(equivalent to 1 month salary),
         50% of medical premium paid


If you’d like to get more information about these institutes, do not hesitate to e-mail me.
Please let me know
-Your available starting date
-Preferred city/ type of city(like small or large city)
-Preferred age groups of the students

< Qualifications>
-English-speaking peoples
-4 years of University degree (BA, BS etc.)

Anyone interested in any of these positions, please forward your resume, cover-letter scanned original diploma, the information page of your passport and a recent picture at : (Attn: Joy)


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