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Job: Teaching Positions in Baicheng, Jilin, China
Posted: April 7, 2009

To whom it may concern,

I'd like to recruit ESL teachers on behalf of my college. Thanks.

Teaching Positions in Baicheng, Jilin, China

Attention Couples and Singles!!

How does this sound: Teaching in a small Chinese city (of 300,000 people) where the
bicycle and pedi-cab to car ratio is still quite high and where the sight of donkeys
and horses pulling their cart loads of fruit and vegetables to be sold on the street
corners and daily year round morning market, is prevalent. Blue skies are
guaranteed nearly everyday.
Interest piqued? Then you will love Baicheng.

Enjoyed the experience.

First let us introduce the college to you.

Currently there are three foreign teachers from Great Britain, America and Japan, at
Baicheng Normal College and numerous Chinese English teachers. They have really
enjoyed their experience and would like to give others interested in teaching in
China the same opportunity they were given
We are not recruiters.

We are not recruiters but representatives of the College's Foreign Affairs
Department. We are looking to find good people to help the students continue to
improve their Spoken English over the next year(s).

Baicheng Normal College ( ) is a University under the Ministry of
Education in China. It is located in Baicheng City, near the border with Inner
Mongolia. The college was founded in 1958 by the State of China and is a
not-for-profit school. The English Department was added to the school in 1979. Since
its inception, the English program has continued to grow and in Spring 2002, was
promoted to a 4-year Bachelor degree program. The English program currently has
about 700 students.

What the College is looking for:

*Native English Speakers only!*
Applicants should be easy-going and energetic teachers. A Bachelor degree is a
minimum requirement. TEFL and China experience preferred.
Ideally we are looking for a teaching couple with an interest in China and Chinese
culture. Singles are also welcome to apply.

The Job: The positions are to teach oral English to students aged 18-23 who are
full-time English students. Teaching spoken English is the primary assignment, other
teaching positions may also be open, such as American Literature, English Writing,
etc.. You have near-complete autonomy in the classroom.
Salary: 4,000 RMB - competitive with all teaching jobs in China, especially since
the cost of living here (in the Northeast) is so low. In fact a single person can
easily live very well on 800 RMB a month. A salary of 4,300 RMB for teachers who
stay a second year and 4,600 RMB for teachers who stay a third year is provided.
There are also other teaching opportunities in the community to earn extra money.
750 USD travel allowance: A school official will meet you in Beijing about one week
prior to the beginning of the contract and provide transportation to Baicheng from
About 2 months paid vacation in January and February. The teachers last year were
able to arrange travel to Tibet and the City of Harbin during Chinese New Year to
enjoy the ice and snow sculptures. Exact vacation dates may vary.
The Contract: Start on September. 1, 2009. You should arrive in Beijing on or
before Aug. 25, 2009 to be met by a representative(s) of the college leaving Beijing
for Baicheng on Aug. 26.
The Contract is through July 14, 2010. Foreign teachers are provided with an office
to meet with students. There are two (2) dedicated Oral Classrooms for the Freshman
and Sophomore Class, each equipped with a TV and DVD player.
Hours: Up to 20 hours per week. You are a member of the faculty and are given
near-complete autonomy in your classes. Your time outside of teaching is your own
and you do not need to stay on campus when not in class.
Housing: The provided housing is excellent (photos available). They are modern
(completed September, 2003) spacious and bright on-campus apartments, which are much
larger than the average teacher apartment in Japan. Each apartment is 51 square
meters, or 520 square feet.
Each apartment has: 1 Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Western Bathroom. Also, 1
queen sized bed, wardrobe, satellite TV, VCD player, sofa, 2 reading chairs, coffee
table and TV stand, desk and chair, desktop computer with free Internet connection,
fridge, stove, microwave, sink, kitchen table, western toilet, hot shower, and
machine for washing clothes.

All utilities, except for long distance telephone calls and gas for cooking, are
paid for by the college.

The apartments are fully equipped with a good heating system, dishes, cookware,
bedding, an extra electric heater and other sundry items.

Other Perks: Although there is no formal Chinese instruction, the students are all
eager to help you learn Chinese. The neighborhood is filled with excellent and
inexpensive restaurants and shopping is a short taxi or pedi-cab ride away. There
are many fruit and vegetable stands within a half block radius of the apartment. We
have not had any reasonable request denied by the school, including changing
vacation times and teaching times.

At the east campus, there is gym available to teachers. You can use the body
building machine, the free weights, treadmill machine, table tennis, and the
punching bag. The gym, also known as the parlor, is equipped with a brand new
Karaoke machine, plus DVD/VCD machine.

Letter of invitation (required for Visa) provided. Work permit and Foreign Expert
Card will be provided at school.

Direct trains to cities like Beijing - 17 hours, Changchun V 4-5 (the capital of
Jilin Province, air travel to most places in China), Jilin City - 7 hours, Dalian -
14 hours, Harbin - 7 hours, and many others. Baicheng is in the middle of a small
train hub with connections to many places.

Contact: (Representative of the Office of Foreign

The students and the cultural exchange are definitely the best things about working
here in Baicheng. The only potential drawbacks to the job are the lack of utilities
(sometimes the water and electricity are turned off for hours at a time) and the
location, although for us this has not been a drawback at all. Baicheng City is not
modern China (i.e., Shanghai). It is a city of roughly 300,000 people in a quiet
corner of Dongbei (Northeast China). Dongbei is cold (-30 C) and Baicheng is no
exception though there were only a few days of light snow and cold temperatures in
the winter of 2007/08. The upside is that you will have the months of January and
February off to enjoy the warmer climates of Southeast Asia or as this yearЎŽs
teachers did, to travel to other areas within China such as Tibet and Harbin. The
city is surrounded by farms (which are only a 10-minute bike ride from the school)
and has no major industry, leaving the air very fresh and mostly unpolluted. The
people are wonderfully welcoming. Of course, one of the highlights is the presence
of donkeys and horses, as they add a charm that you simply cannot find in a city
like Beijing or Shanghai!

The following is the listing for Baicheng Normal College in China's 2002 Guide to
Employment of Foreign Experts in the Field of Culture and Education: (UPDATE)

Baicheng Normal College is nestled in the west of Jilin Province, on the Kerqin
Prairie in Baicheng City, commonly known as the City of Cranes. Also found in
Baicheng City is Xianghai Nature Park, an idyllic place which plays host to many
nesting cranes, Mongolian Huangyu trees, and other rare plant and animal species.

Baicheng Normal College is a public college, which falls under the jurisdiction of
the Educational Ministry of China and is funded by Jilin Province. Founded in 1958,
it has developed into a regional and comprehensive four-year college. Its main
focus is Teacher Education, however, other technically based education is also
offered. Currently Baicheng Normal College employs 446 professional teachers and
boasts a student population of over 8000, plus 3000 of who are correspondence

The school sits on a 564,000 square meter campus lined with trees and other
greenery. Foreign teachers are provided with a fully furnished apartment with
amenities including furniture and appliances, water, electricity, heat, local phone
and computer - long distance phone calls and Internet are extra. Since 1989, we
have hired over 30 Foreign Expert teachers with excellent results. All Foreign
Experts, scholars and students are welcome. We here at Baicheng Normal College
sincerely hope you will come to our college to teach, to share in a wonderful
cultural exchange and to learn together with us. 



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