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Job: Teaching Job in China
Posted: July 17, 2009

We have available jobs for the coming Autumn term.

Please apply before August 15th

Details provided below:

The Volunteer Intercultural Project (VIP China) is run by the National Oral English
Teaching & Research Bureau, and is the only agency authorized by the Chinese
education system to place foreign English teachers. We are located in Beijing,
China, and our mission is to advance the English communication skills of middle
school students throughout the country

We place enthusiastic, fluent English speakers to help Chinese students sharpen
their spoken-English skills. The students typically have good theoretical knowledge,
but need help in communicating clearly.Teaching Oral English is easy and enjoyable,
and will allow you to be immersed in a Chinese community, providing a unique
opportunity to explore this great country. If you would like to be treated like a
superstar, while doing a noble deed, and even making money, you have come to the
right place!

VIP China offers more choice of school locations than is available from any similar
agency, ranging from remote villages to bustling urban centers. In some cases, you
will be the first foreigner that the students have ever seen! Perhaps Hebei, Inner
Mongolia, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang,
Yunnan, or Guizhou appeals to you. We offer an extraordinary chance for adventurous
individuals to make a real contribution to intercultural understanding while greatly
advancing their own growth. The beauty and variety in China is beyond words. You
will be immersed into the colorful lifestyles of local people, and joining them.
This is clearly not just another job!

1. Commitment of at least 3 months
2. Age 19+
3. Native English speaker or near native speaker
4. Formal teaching qualifications are desirable, but not necessarily required
5. no pre-existing Chinese language skill is required
6. A spirit of adventures and a sense of humor!

TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES (variable by location):
1. Work schedule - Monday to Friday
2. 18 - 24 classes per week
3. September through December, and March through June terms, with possibilities to
teach during semester breaks
4. Arrival in Beijing two weeks prior to the term commencement

TYPICAL BENEFITS (variable by location):
1. 400 - 600 Јбper month, according to the workload, location, and your
Local teachers earn only 100 Јб per month so this is a great salary for the area.
2. Assistance of a bilingual teacher
3. Registration and enrollment assistance, pre-departure materials, ongoing support
4. Private living accommodation
5. Three meals per day at the school
6. Airport pick-up and welcome dinner
7. Orientation upon arrival
8. Medical and accident insurance
9. Program supervision and emergency service
10. Guaranteed school placement
11. Airport seeing-off after the completion of the program
12. Low-stress employment, discussing topics of your choice, without disciplinary
or grading responsibilities
13. Learn Chinese, Kungfu, Taiji, Chinese painting and other cultural skills, free
of charge.
14. If you stay with it for multiple terms, travel costs might be reimbursed.

INTERESTED? Please send us:
1. Your resume
2. Copy of the first page of your passport;
3. Copy of the degree and teaching certificates you have, if any


Office 7101-7102 Door No.4
The Training building
No 5 GuajiaTun HaiDian District. Beijing
Postal Code: 100091

Tel: +86 10 6252 9254;
Fax: +86 10 6252 6791;
Mobile phone: +8615811593303 ( Igor )
skype: igor_prokin


You can log onto our website for more detail.

You could also tell your friends who might be interested about our program! We are
always looking for teachers for the coming term, and to fill existing vacancies.
Although variable by location, terms are typically March through June, and September
through December, with possibilities to teach during semester breaks. We are
waiting for you!




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